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  Paul McKenna


Paul McKenna in 1990




Born: November 8, 1963

Career History:

1980-1981: Topshop, DJ

1981-1983: Handlesound (sales promotion Company), Managing Director

1983-1984: Radio Caroline, broadcaster

1984-1988: Chiltern Radio, broadcaster

1988-1990: Capital Radio, presenter

1990-1992: BBC Radio One, presenter

1990-present: Launches Paul McKenna Productions, joint chief executive

1991-present: Launches McKenna Breen, joint managing director

1992-present: Hypnotist

2000-present: Positivity, acting chief executive officer




Paul has sold more than a million hypnotherapy tapes.

In 1998, McKenna was sued by a man who alleged he had developed schizophrenia as a result of being hypnotised by McKenna in 1994. McKenna won the case.

The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna began in 1993 and at its peak had 12 million viewers.

In 2005, his Sky One show I Can Change Your Life saw him shift from hypnosis as entertainment towards therapy.

Within two years from launch, Paul McKenna Training was the world's largest hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming training centre (NLP).





  • Change Your Life in 7 Days

  • I Can Make You Thin

  • Instant Confidence


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It's not so widely remembered that the now-famous hypnotist Paul McKenna began his career in radio. With his unmistakably well moderated and concise voice, Paul was at the station for almost two years.


Early Days


Born in Enfield in 1963 Paul wanted to become a radio broadcaster like Kenny Everett. As a 12 year old he would read from the newspaper into a tape recorder and try to make it sound like it did on the radio. At school he achieved two O-levels, one CSE and an A-level in art.


Radio Work


After leaving college he worked at Radio Topshop and started his own company providing in-store music to many high street chains. He joined Radio Caroline in 1983, soon moving to Chiltern Radio and London's Capital Radio in 1988.


It was while at Chiltern he interviewed a hypnotist. He challenged the hypnotist to hypnotise him on air, which he did. He began to study hypnotism and one book was written by an American co-inventor of NLP, Richard Bandler. McKenna began to carry out hypnotism tricks on his friends for fun and helped them overcome unwanted behaviours.




While maintaining his job as a DJ, he moved into stage work and then television shows. In 1990 he set up a training company. That same year he left Capital Radio and joined BBC Radio 1. During his time with the station, in addition to his regular pop music format show, he 'sat in' for absent daytime DJ's.



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He left Radio 1 in 1992 to concentrate exclusively on hypnosis. In 1993, his Celador series, The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna, aired on ITV. This entertainment show featured audience members who volunteered to be hypnotised, to act in silly ways and participate in comedic sketches that sometimes included celebrities.  He is regularly watched on television by more than 200 million people in 42 countries.

In 2000 Paul established Paul McKenna Training. He now uses his considerable powers of persuasion to improve the performance of top businesses.



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