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  Semprini Serenade



Alberto Semprini'Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones' - Semprini's opening lines to his weekday evening programme which ran for 25 years.


Alberto Semprini was of Italian descent and born in Bath. He studied both Piano and Cello and was to graduate from the Verdi Conservatory in Milan in 1928 as an expert concert pianist composer and conductor.


In 1957 the Semprini Serenade series was first aired on the BBC Light Programme with Semprini at the keyboard playing arrangements of old and new songs, light classics and themes from films and shows were exceedingly popular.


Semprini and his Serenade Orchestra were both well received and loved by their audience; the show ran for 25 years with over 700 programmes broadcast.



 New; late 1964 edition of Semprini Serenade 27m

Show introduction; Wednesday 24 January 1971



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Bob Hayes (Newquay) says...
Up to now my only recordings lacked his wonderful intros but there is now a CD that includes his voice. What I'd give for a few recordings of complete programmes!
4th February 2018 7:31pm
Elizabeth Tudor-Williams (West Midlands) says...
Semprini's Serenade gave my mother and me much pleasure from the moment one heard his soft velvet voice introducing the programme of the lovely music he played so beautifully.the memory has never faded.
6th November 2016 10:28pm
Ron jarmain (Ash) says...
Used to deliver his newspaper to him at his house boat on Mersea island Essex . Lovely man.
22nd October 2016 9:18pm
Grew up listening to him as a student. Based my playing style on his. Found a wonderful 'this is your life' from 1977 on youtube. Think I have all his LPs and CD's. Just wish I could see more footage oh him playing
26th July 2016 7:52pm
David Bamber (West Kirby Wirral) says...
I remember well the weekly Semprini Serenade on the Light Programme. Listening to the wireless with my dad, often as we washed the dishes after dinner, we used to comment how easily Semprini's voice linked together the musical pieces. Informative and entertaining: what a wonderful memory of happy times as I grew up in Chester.
3rd July 2016 11:42pm
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