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Opinions/memories of Radio 1 presenters, music policy, shows, style, roadshows, events

past  and present are welcome, but I do reserve the right to edit prior to publishing.



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Sun 11/05/2003 16:27

Format Changes Wrong

 The latest radio audience figures from RAJAR have made depressing, yet totally expected, reading for Radio One bosses. The station has lost another 200,000 listeners to push the total audience reach to just over 10 million, wiping out any gains the station made in recent years. Audience figures are down to the levels seen in the darkest days of Bannisterism, when 'New' ( i.e. unlistenable indie) Music ruled the roost and effigies of DLT were burnt at Yalding House.


 I'm not surprised Radio One has fallen so far in the ratings since the year zero of 1993. While commercial competition would have eroded ratings somewhat, Radio One, if it had kept its mixture current chart hits and golden oldies and album tracks, could still have remained the nation's favourite.


 Yes, some changes had to occur, as DLT and Simon Bates would probably have retired now, but not the wholesale cull of well loved DJs and their replacement by obscure NME journalists, club DJs and professional loudmouths with the charm of a cod fish.


 It's no surprise that Radio Two, which is similar in many ways to the old Radio One, now has 3 million more listeners and my local ILR station which uses an old school Radio One format has three times as many listeners as the new style Radio One. Perhaps everyone is trying to escape from Chris Moyles and indie has been Jo Whiley.


 If I had been given Bannister's job in 1993, and assuming John Birt would have listened, I would have gradually eased out Simon Bates and DLT, but would have retained the basic format of chart hits, mixed with classic oldies and classic rock album tracks during the day. At night, dance and alt rock would have their place, but rather than have wall to wall dance music on weekend nights, I'd retain the Friday rock show and still have the Anne Nightingale request show on Sundays. The breakfast show host I would most like to employ would be Jonathan Ross, with Steve Wright hosting the morning show, with Our Tune a regular feature. Sadly, however, I didn't get the Radio One controllers job and that twerp Bannister did.


 Radio One has been ruined ever since, a total shame, but like most ex Radio One listeners I find my tastes supplied by Radio Two and CFM.


Glenn Aylett




Sat 10/05/2003 21:34

Jingles Made With Love

As well as some unique gifted original enthusiastic and professional DJ's, in the 60's and 70's we had some wonderful groundbreaking music, and to compliment that we had the fantastic PAMS jingles. I couldn't wait to hear which one they played next. They used to and still do send shivers down my back. Now that's the test of time. Nothing and I mean nothing comes close, because they were and still the best ever made in the world. Made with love and real talent by everyone involved, it just shines through. And what about 'progress' 30 -40 Years on?

Paul Vincent




Sun 27/04/2003 15:02

Changes Too Radical


My first memories of Radio 1 were when I was about four or five in the early 1990's. My parents listened to Radio 1 loads back then. As a consequence of this I ended up listening to the UK Top 40, the Breakfast Show & the Roadshows which were great. My Dad also listened to DLT & Pick Of The Pops on a Saturday lunchtime. It's amazing I was so young but I can remember certain jingles and actually hearing certain records.

I'm 16 now and I'm in Radio 1's target audience, their are still some talented presenters on the station but most of it is pretty crap if you ask me. I like quite a few records on the playlist but they never play and older stuff which really gets to me as you get fed up with all the records on the playlist after a while because they just play them to death. I still listen to the Radio 1 Top 40 and have done almost every week for years now but they've ruined it recently by not playing all 40 records anymore, but that's a different matter.

I was still very young when Matthew Bannister took control of the station, however I've got the book last year called the Nation's Favourite, all about the changes at Radio 1. From the research I've done I've come to the conclusion that there were some changes which were needed at Radio 1 but nothing like what ended up taking place. If I was Matthew I would have kept all the biggest shows on and changed some of the others and made them aimed at a slightly younger audience, so I would have had "The Evening Session" take place with Jo Whiley & Steve Lamacq. I would also have made changes to the playlist so that DJs could not just play whatever they wanted, but I would have allowed older records aimed at a mainstream audience of 16-40 year olds which could have worked.

The station could still have been the big one today, it could have been a station for everyone with the biggest shows just like BBC ONE, entertainment for everyone. When the BBC look at it now, surely it isn't something their proud of anymore!

Mike Merriman



Mon 14/04/2003 18:20

Lessons in Radio

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane. So many people you forget about. I love listening to the DLT show when he completely loses it with fits of laughter.

I agree that the station has lost it's appeal; I have listened to Radio 2 for the last two years since I defected to Virgin after Radio 1. Our tune was a fave in biology at school, everybody had to listen, and Steve Wright, with the posse in History.

I could go on ....but thanks for the trip...hope you get some more "bits and pieces" (I remember that on the Roadshows !!!) and will visit regular to check updates.

Wayne Churcher




21/02/2003 19:42


Everything Stopped for Bates


I used to be a big fan of radio one in the 70's and 80's, I, like most people who have put they're thoughts on to this ONE-derful website miss the FUN-tastic Roadshow, also the brilliant DJ's,such as Simon Bates.


I remember working in a garage full of big greasy mechanics and when OUR TUNE came on, everything stopped; to see grown men crying was something to see.


I also used to like Noel Edmonds with his funny phone calls on a Sunday morning, I could go on and on, but nowadays I listen to Radio 2 which is great; it has a bit of old Radio 1 in it but it would be even better if we had the likes of Bates, Gary Davies, Blackburn, etc, etc.


Anyway, great website.


Barry Forth



Fri 14/02/03 09:38


Greg Dyke "Should See Sense"


Quite a few memories and a lot of information. My compliments. Even a picture of Matthew Bannister to throw darts at!


I must admit Radio 2 is getting there but until they get Simes and the golden hour it won't be right. Given the BBC's rush to grab audience share etc. I would have thought Bates and the Golden hour would be ideal. I just hope that Greg Dyke sees sense before he ruins the TV channels too!


I feel it is criminal that I had to pay the licence fee whilst Mr. Bannister and  Liz Forgan destroyed a national cultural asset. 


Yes, I know that Radio 1 was popularist - but it wasn't of low quality. I don't see why public service broadcasters need to be sniffy about popular culture. Judging by today's BBC1 that attitude has all gone out of the window anyway. Of the seven BBC national radio stations I don't feel particularly well served and my age group is quite large.


Since disposable income is not an issue it's about time the BBC did something about this. For a start I would settle for a bit of Radio 2 tweaking in the morning - Batesy and the Golden Hour and Our Tune would do me.


Nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia for those ratings either - look at the popularity of the I Love the 80's, 90's programmes and website. Enough ranting.


Thanks for the good website (you can add all that too if you've got the room!)


Tony Jones

nr. Driffield, East Yorkshire


Sun 26/01/2003 16:33


Axeing of Road Show "Murderous Act"


Thank you for this most "wonderful" site. The stories, The Jingles, The pictures all capture the absolute pinnacle of Radio programming.


It's just so very sad that such a tried and trusted formula was cast aside in the "Bannister" years. I don't think real Radio 1 enthusiasts like myself have grown to old to appreciate the need for change, however discarding Simon Bates, Adrian Juste, Gary Davies, Fluff, and DLT etc. in such murderous style was the beginning of the end of "OUR" Radio station.


I remember writing to Bannister because I was so angry at the very heart of British Radio being ripped out, but needless to say a reply was not forthcoming.


The whole nation could identify with all the presenters of the 60's,70's and 80's and enjoy all the professionalism poured into every show. It really is depressing that nowadays unless you are a "husky" voiced female or can use the word "arse" on a regular basis you have no chance of securing employment on what used to be Britain's Favourite.


It saddens me that our local station in Glasgow wipes the floor with Radio 1 as far as ratings go, which is really bad as with most ILR stations the standard of DJ's borders on the Robotic . The other murderous act was the axing of the road show which i spent many an enjoyable day attending.


Once again by doing this they succeeded in alienating the listeners even more.


Finally, nice to see you will be doing a feature on the excellent Roger Scott in the future. Keep up the brilliant work.


Jim Hughes



Fri 17/01/2003 20:03


Petition Required


I really liked Gary Davies' Bit In The Middle/Sunday Night Show as well as Bruno Brookes' Teatime Show.

I also enjoyed the Radio 1 Roadshow and as I liked listening to the Top 40 every week, the coming of Radio 1 Stereo was great. Some DJ's were introduced that I agreed with; Clive Warren from Capital Radio and Dave Pearce.


But I am really upset that Radio 1 does not play the music from the 60's 70's and 80's. I just feel that the changes to Radio 1 have made the joy of it becoming Stereo very sad.

I do have a question for all website readers which is: Seeing as we all feel that upset about the changes to Radio 1.


Why have we not all got together and contacted as many DJ's who were sacked such as DLT, Bruno Brookes, Gary Davies, Simon Bates, Adrian Juste etc and all send a petition to the government to have Radio 1 returned back to the way it was?.


I don't know whether you know also but Radio 1 are having a revamp which has started already in replacing the Evening Session and in February with a new look Chart Show. I feel that Radio 1 can have as many revamps as it likes, but unless it returns to its original format it will never be the same again.

Why don't the BBC listen seeing as after Virgin and Heart opened they both had phone lines for listeners to tell them how they wanted the stations to be.


I listen to Radio 2 as well as commercial with ex DJ's the Emperor Rosko, David Jensen and Tony Blackburn much a better mix of music.


Lee Morris

Co. Durham




Fri 20/12/2002 19:44


Radio By Formula


It was nice to see the message from the legend that is Adrian Juste. He makes a lot of sense in the message that he wrote to your site.


I and probably many others who look at your site are only interested in the "old fashioned" version of Radio 1. Surely the number of listeners at the time tells its own story. It was the best in its time. Today's radio, including ILR, is all run to the same formula with all the same playlists and jingles etc.


In a direct reply to Adrian, I am sure many people would agree that your shows were some of the best around at the time. I still have many of them on tape, let me know if you want a copy.


Andrew Smith



Mon 16/12/2002 16:42


Black Propaganda


Alan, I just stumbled on your Website whilst researching a story on Egton House which, as I'm sure you know, meets its maker next month.


What a pleasant surprise it was to read what actually happened at R1, both inside and out, as opposed to the usual 'Groucho Club-rewriting history' black propaganda constantly spewed out by the new regime. Their premise was that if you keep repeating it, people will believe it. Thankfully, apart from their 'meeja studies' twerps in the Guardian, nobody believed it - and thanks to sites like yours enthusing about 'Classic Radio 1' - nobody will. Well done!


Incidentally I see with some trepidation you've some old clips of me on there from over 20 years ago. Brrrrrr! I really don't want to hear them, so please don't give me a password!!


Happy holidays! (I mean Happy Xmas - I spend a lot of time in the States now!)


Adrian Juste

Gerrards Cross, Bucks



Tue 03/12/2002 22:14


Symptom of Getting Older?


I grew up with Radio 1 in the 80's when it was the happy, happy sound and almost everyone in my home town under forty listened to it.


It's a shame Radio 1 has changed so much and lost half its audience, I tried listening to it last year and the presenters were just a bunch of manic twits with no charm playing dance and rap rubbish.


However, like most ex Radio 1 fans, I've moved over to Radio 2 which is now the home of old faves like Steve Wright, Jonathan Ross and Stuart Maconie.

I suppose its just a case of getting older and Radio 1 moving with the times.





28/11/2002 10:34


Corner of My Mind


Dear Sir (top pop-picker!)


I really enjoyed the text on the site. It evoked some memories as I cut my teeth on Ed Stewart's Junior Choice, eagerly awaited 7 a.m. for Noel Edmonds' show (following Ray Moore? on "Radio Quiet" as it was then!) aged nine, in 1978, grew up with the station until about 1996 when I was pleasantly surprised by Steve Wright brightening up the old "Light Programme" - and breaking the old BBC protocol of playing the likes of Pet Shop Boys on Radio 2, which I now consider my musical "home" on the dial, now! I would love to relive some of those jingles! The "beep beep, travel news" is unforgettable and so is the early 1980's "its One!, its fun!" and Police-style jingles. However, I think there are quite a few "round the corner" of my mind as Jimmy Savile used to say on a Sunday afternoon.


Jonathan Paul Lambert





It's A Shame

What a great trip back in time with your web site. The good old Radio One days, you just can't beat them!!!!!

Its about time the BBC realised just what they lost when the likes of DLT, Adrian Juste, Simon Bates and the rest of one hell of a winning formula were just cast aside!..


Maybe Radio Two (with Steve Wright already in place and doing what he does BEST) should give us back the good old days. Imagine Batesy doing 'Our Tune' Gary Davies and his 'Bit In The Middle' and DLT with his weekend show, or better still at breakfast. (sorry I was never a big Tony Blackburn fan!!)

Great web site, and thanks for the memories, I guess thats all we have left. Shame.

Adie James





Offshore Preference


Hi, And I would just like to say to Ray, he was not alone when listening to Radio Caroline, as I listened to R1 MW for ten minutes in 1967 and switched off, and have not bothered to listen to it again, as the during the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's I was tuned to offshore Radio be it Caroline, RNI or Veronica etc. Now Caroline is back; well never gone away like some people still think, it is now on worldspace, Sat 19.2E - 11992 and of course the net.







Personal Protest


I know from a personal point of view that I was deeply annoyed at losing the choice to hear Radio Caroline and I for one would not listen to Radio 1 for years; it was my protest, I felt dictated to by a staid old fashioned medium, I now wonder if I was on my own with these thoughts?


Ray Dilworth

Leigh, Lancashire





Radio Zero


I'd have loved to have had Matthew Bannister's job! I'd have left R1 the way it was, as a national station with tens of millions of listeners that competed with the commercial sector. (Which is after all what BBC1 does in competition with ITV).


You'd be left with a station which would resemble Radio 2 today, but without the brass bands, 'night thoughts' and easy listening. It would have cornered a massive 'middle youth' market of late 20s-40 somethings and continued to be a huge success. It would be piped into factories and offices. It would move with times, but gradually.


At the same time I'd have introduced 'Radio Zero' with a strict new music policy and have Chris Morris doing the breakfast show, Chris Evans at Lunchtime, and Chris Moyles on the afternoon show and 24 hour trance, Drum & Bass, UK garage etc etc. John Peel would have been on both channels.

Leave both running for a few years and see how the ratings go.







Club Memories


Being aged 48, I remember the Radio 1 Roadshows and wish we could have Radio 1 back again with all the jingles and the happy sound that I remember and really miss.


I remember going to the 'Cats Whiskers' in 1971 as Radio 1 club was being broadcast from there. The DJ presenting the programme was Emperor Rosko.


Unfortunately I couldn't get in because the place was packed so sat outside near the radio van listening to the output.


Dan M




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