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« Rewind  to an era of 275, 285, Smiley Miley, Blackburn and Brookes


Blackburn to Wright; the personalities who gave the station it's unique sound.

Selected Shows..


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including the Roadshow,

Top 40 and Breakfast.

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..the Happy, Happy Sound.. those ditties

 from Dallas aren't

easily forgotten.


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Comments (12)

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Glen Arnold (Rugeley) says...
Absolutely loved Radio 1 in the early 80s! The radio was on from 9 till 5 every weekday when I was working as a trainee lab technician at Stafford college. Thanks a million for the R1 programmes I received from you on CD Alan, the memories! Sadly, R1 is now a shadow of itself, as is the music they play!
12th September 2016 12:06pm
Paul Marks (Kent) says...
Can anyone please tell me and I have been trying to find this out for years.
What was the Theme that David Symmonds used for his Saturday Night Soul Show.
I have heard it used as background music on the TV.
20th March 2016 10:48pm
David Morgan (Waterloo) says...
So glad I stumbled across this site by accident while doing research for Theme One, composed by Sir George Martin, following his passing. Brings back so many memories.
9th March 2016 2:55pm
Anthony Duffy (Dundalk Ireland.) says...
What a great site. fell in love with Radio 1 in the early 80s. Tony Blackburn was "fab" presenting the top 40. Brilliant memories. 277..285..
26th February 2016 7:39pm
Dominic Dean (Kent) says...
Great work Alan, let me know if you want some new clips!
24th July 2015 7:00pm
James Dowsett (Bristol) says...
I stumbled across this site, and what a great trip it is down memory lane !!. Many of the shows were first broadcast when I was abroad, so now back home in England I can hear many archive shows at this site for the first time
13th June 2015 10:12am
alan wayne (wirral) says...
I love this site, some brilliant memories on here...keep up the good work!..alan
19th May 2015 12:39pm
Justin (Doncaster) says...
Great site but I keep looking to see if you put more on haven't put anything else on 4 ages I like the charts you trade are you going to do some more?
27th February 2015 5:53am
Colin Parnell (Bournemouth) says...
What an excellent site. Great work. I was a massive fan of Radio One, listened all the time and attended many Roadshows. I work in TV now so am close to this kind of stuff. Very nostalgic to hear those great Jingles.
4th January 2015 12:40am
Jean (Stockport) says...
Can anyone remember the Larry Adler song that Noel Edmonds used to play on his Sunday morning programme?
20th August 2014 11:27pm
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