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  David ''Kid'' Jensen  


David Jensen in 1978...

...and in 1990

Ex RTL Radio Luxembourg presenter and Canadian David Jensen presented a weekday evening show on Radio 1, from 1977 to 1984.

He earned the name 'Kid' while working for Radio Luxembourg, because he was the youngest of all the deejays at the station. It was fellow disc jockey Paul Burnett who christened him the Kid, and the name stuck!

Born 1950 as  in Victoria, British Columbia, David worked for a local station presenting classical music whilst still at school. He originally intended to study to be an oceanographer, but became 'sidetracked' into the disc jockey world. He came to Europe and joined RTL at 18, where he met his wife Gudrun.

He stayed with Luxy for 6 years, before being signed up for the BBC in September 1976.

Kid Jensen was also at Radio Trent for

just over a year in 1975.


In the early part of that period, he presented the weekday 4.30 pm slot, playing progressive music. He then left the UK and briefly worked at CNN in the US (as one of the original launch team). Soon after, he returned to Radio One presenting the weekday evening slot, starting at 7 or 8pm.

David Jensen was known for his offbeat dress sense. His musical passion was new wave; bands such as The Jam and the Stranglers.

He left R1 to host the new Sunday Nescafe 'Network Chart Show' until 1991 on Independent Radio as well as the Capital FM mid-morning show (moving to drivetime in 1987 until 1998).

From that year, David went on to present the same slot on London's Heart 106.2 FM.

From 5th June 2002 he presented the Late Show on London based Capital Gold AM. The show is networked on ILR stations throughout the UK as well as digital satellite. David Jensen moved to the mid-morning slot on Capital Gold (10am-1pm) as of Monday 24 February 2003.

2007 update;

From 6 August David Jensen presented the weekday Breakfast Show and a Saturday morning on local Gold AM/Digital stations as well as the afternoon show on digital only station theJazz. Thats 43 hours a week hes on air!




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Audio BBC


Trail for David's venture to the North Sea (1977) 32kbps mp3

Show live from Cologne, Germany in 1978! 32kbps mp3

Win a Night Out with the D.J.'s ! (1978) mp3

Trail for Kid Jensen's shows April 1978

Staying Alive Trailer 1979 MP3

1979  - Radio 1's 'Quiz Kid' competition 32kbps mp3(NB poor quality)

Trail for Round Table (1980) mp3

David Jensen Trailer (1982) 32kbps mp3

Rounding off 'Music Now' (1985) mp3




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