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  Paul Gambaccini  


Paul with some of his favourite records in 1977.

(Radio Times)




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Audio BBC


Show in 1977 mp3

Top Hits of 1977 (Dec 1977)  

Wearing Fleetwood Mac T-shirt (1977)


NEW 30.12.78 American Top 10 of 1978 30m
20.02.82 American Chart 45m
NEW 07.08.82 American Chart no.'s 29 to 1 - 39m
NEW 31.12.83 American Chart of 1983 no.'s 23 to 1 - 
NEW 07.01.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 04.02.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 03.03.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 28.04.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 26.05.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 23.06.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 21.07.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 18.08.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 15.09.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 13.10.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 08.12.84 American Chart no.'s 30 to 1 
NEW 29.12.84 American Chart of 1984 full show
NEW 08.02.86 American Chart final 1980's show - full 1h 55m

Talking about Mick and Bianca Jagger (1980) MP3

Introducing USA No1 -Lipps Inc. (1980) MP3

Paul Handing over to Tommy Vance (1980) MP3

Wishing Noel was on Radio 1 (1985)

The following clips are taken from 8th February 1986, Paul's final Radio 1 Saturday show of the 80's. 

First record is Bruce Springsteen       32k

No Daggers at Dawn       32k

Getting into the Hits

Mention for Dixie Peach

Trail for R1 shows - and story from San Francisco

News at 3.30

Mention for Richard Skinner

Anne Marie Grey trail and Paul Mauriat  

Launching the US Top 30 countdown

Women smell better!

Thanking staff and listeners

Listeners have changed Paul's Life

Richard Skinner thanks Paul




Paul Gambaccini's America's Greatest Hits 2001 mp3




Paul Gambaccini worked for BBC Radio 1 for 15 years, presenting the US chart show on Saturday Afternoons for much of that time. He is renowned for his music and chart knowledge  for both the USA and UK industry.


Born 1949, New Yorker Paul attained degrees in History (USA), Philosophy, Politics and Economics (at Oxford). 


He wrote articles for the US magazine Rolling Stone from 1970.


At Radio 1, he presented 'All American Heroes' from 1974, a series showcasing US talent. Later, in September 1975 Paul began the show he was to front for the next 11 years, highlighting the weeks' US chart music.


In 1982 he helped launch the career of the UK pop group Kajagoogoo.


He worked at London Independent Radio from 1986 to 1991 when he came back to present at Radio 1 for another three years.


He was heard on Classic FM 1992-1995. In 1998 he joined BBC Radio 2 to present America s Greatest Hits on Saturday evenings. From the same year until 2002 he presented The Classic Countdown on the UK's national Classic FM. Throughout the 1980's and 90's Paul was regularly heard on programmes broadcast on BBC Radio 4.


In 1994, Paul Gambaccini launched the Terence Higgins Trust's fundraising initiative, the '300 Club' at the charity premiere of 'The Age of Innocence'.  In 1996 he was presented with the Outstanding Contribution to Music Radio award from the Radio Academy.


He was a regular on each of the first four British terrestrial television networks including a film review spot on GMTV for 13 years. He was the co-author of The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles and British Hit Albums,  with Tim and Jo Rice. Amongst other books he has published Television's Greatest Hits, with Rod Taylor (1993), Love Letters (1996), The McCartney Interviews: After the Break-up (1996), Close Encounters (1998) and The Eurovision Companion (revised edition) (1999).




Paul Gambacinni boxes a kangaroo in 1980

September 1975... Paul (left) begins

his Saturday programme  'America's

Greatest Hits'  Picture: Chris Pugh





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