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  Robbie Vincent




Robbie in 1986





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The following eight MP3 clips are taken from  a classic Robbie Vincent Sunday show aired during the Summer of 1986.

FM Stereo and Spread the Word  Jingles

Probably will start Snowing !


Home Office Warning

Sound of Sunday Night

Over to the News

Dance Floor Burner to Help with Exams

Double Meltability


Trails note these mp3files are of louder volume

James Brown Story 1986

Radio 1 show Trail 1988



("If it moves, Funk it")


Former journalist Robbie Vincent's broadcasting career began as one of the pioneers on BBC Radio London in 1973 hosting a phone-in show playing "devils advocate" with the listener. 


Later  hosting a Radio London soul show on Saturday lunchtimes playing artistes such as Evelyn 'Champagne' King & Crown Heights Affair. Robbie would invite guest deejays, such as Chris Hill, Tom Holland, Froggy, Sean French etc. to play their favourite three tunes that came in that week. The shows were considered essential listening to the Capital's soul music fans.


In the early 80s, he launched the career of US jazz funk combo, Maze, in the UK, and was one of the few radio presenters in the UK to have interviewed Marvin Gaye.


Robbie moved to Radio 1 in 1983 to front the popular Saturday evening weekend 'Soul shows' which were carried on FM. Later moving to Sunday nights, he presented here until 1989, playing Jazz-Funk with artistes like Rick James, the Fatback band, Brass Construction, Funkadelic, Crusaders, Ronnie Laws and Eddie Henderson.


During the 1980's Robbie Vincent was seen on British TV screens when he co-hosted BBC TV's 'Hospital Watch' and 'Go for It'.


In 1989 he moved to work for LBC. His night-time phone-in show was one of the highest rated programmes on the station.


In 1995 Robbie Vincent was voted  Independent radio personality of the year at the annual Variety Club awards.


After a spell at Kiss FM, from Feb 1998 Robbie hosted the breakfast show on Jazz FM. Robbie left Jazz FM when the management changed at the end of 2002.


Robbie spent most of 2003 travelling and during late Dec and early Jan 2004 presented five daytime shows on 94.9 BBC Radio London LDN. Also broadcasting on this station are former Radio 1 presenters Miss P and Danny Baker.


Robbie was regularly seen and heard at London's  Clapham Grand soul nightclub. He was DJ there along with other top names  such as Chris Hill and DJ Froggy.


He returned to the radio airwaves on October 12, 2008 presenting a weekly 'Sunday Morning Soul' show for three hours on Jazz FM.


Following an illness Robbie announced on the Jazz FM website in October 2010 that he had been very poorly and following an operation was commencing a course of chemotherapy. He later added he intended to return to the station in March 2010.


"see you on March 6th for another stroll through the music garden."


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donald king (st albans) says...
I was born in 1960. Myself and a few friends at school were loyal listeners to Robbie Vincent's late night call-in on Radio London. We were 13 or 14 at the time. At the close of each show Robbie would play, for some unfathomable reason, Judy Collins's version of SEND IN THE CLOWNS. Robbie was usually quite skilful at spotting phoney callers and duly cutting them off - but not always. There was a group of people calling themselves THE KINGS OF RADIO LONDON, who would beat him at his own ... Read More
22nd August 2016 5:41pm
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