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» Stuart Henry

24.02.42 - 24.11.95


Following six years as an actor, Stuart Henry joined 'pirate' Radio Scotland and moved to Radio One at its launch.

He presented 'Midday Spin' on Radio 1 when it opened in 1967 causing quite a stir at the station with his long hair and colourful clothes. During the early seventies he presented a very successful Saturday morning show 'Noise at Nine' with over 11 million listeners.

His weekly pop show included a spot requesting missing youngsters to get in touch with their parents. Some listeners however thought his speech impedement due to MS was caused by drink or drugs and he was sacked by Radio 1 management in the 1974 DJ shake-up.

He then moved to Radio Luxembourg where he presented various night time record shows. Later he was joined on air by his wife Ollie. Radio Luxembourg told Stuart that as long as he was able to talk he would always have a job with the station.

Sadly, Stuart died at his Luxembourg home in 1995 after a long battle with multiple sclerosis. 



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Last 'Noise at Nine' 1969 24Kbps)

Saturday Show 1972 (64kbps)  32kbps

Send a Dedication Trail (1972)

News Jingle and Opening a Show 1972

Get Close! 

Was Thin Lizzy is Chartbound in April 1974 ?

Theme - Soul Finger by the Bar-Kays (1 min)

25.12.71 Christmas Day morning  (full show)    Part two!


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Terry G (Glastonbury) says...
Thanks. Wonderful stuff from a great & innovative DJ, a blast from the past which sent tingles down my spine.
Are the complete recordings available anywhere?
1st March 2015 10:50pm
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