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The Radio 1 Club was launched in October 1968. The aim of the club, according to Derek Chinnery, executive producer,  was a link between the listeners at home and the D.J.'s and stars.

It consisted of 2 hours with a top D.J. and guest D.J., leading groups performing live, current hits, and requests/interviews with members. The show was broadcast live on Radio 1 at lunchtime.

The first club date on Monday, October 21st was at London's' Lower Regent Street (former cinema). It was hosted by Keith Skues, with guest D.J. Tony Blackburn. The Tremeloes played live.

 Mary Hopkin signs autographs for fans at a Radio 1 Club eventStuart Henry at a London SessionDisplay Panels for the 'Radio 1 Club'

Other 'branches' soon opened around the UK included Birmingham (Top Rank), Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Bristol, Plymouth, Bournemouth and Swansea.

Radio Times carried a regular 'member magazine'. Membership to the club was free of charge, by sending your details to the BBC. Radio 1 Trails boasted 'a different DJ in a different Town each day'.

As well as the stations Top D.J.'s, some new names were heard on the shows - Richard Park, a Glasgow D.J., Dave Eager, Phil Jay, Peter York, Tony Wynne-Jones, Gary Taylor from The Herd and Chris Grant.

The popular Club lasted until 1973, when it was replaced by the Radio 1 Roadshow.

January 1970 - Fans attacked a Radio 1 commissionaire at the London branch of Radio 1 Club.

April 1971 - students at St.Mungo's High School in Falkirk threatened strike action as their headmaster would not grant permission to attend the lunchtime 'Radio 1 club' at the Town Hall!

July 1971 - There was a bomb scare at a Radio 1 Club at the Shrewsbury Civic Hall, however Stuart Henry carried on broadcasting.



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Audio BBC


Jingle Compilation


Rosko Presenting a Live Club Show


John Peel Intro 1970

Dave Eager with Lucky Numbers

Dave Eager on the Radio 1 Club

NEW Last Manchester Club show (1971)

Return of Radio 1 Club - New time 5pm (1972)  


see also the Emperor Rosko page for more Radio 1 Club audio.


Comments (5)

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Kevin Smith (Keynsham) says...
Steve Haigh the date of the show you recall was 18th July 1969. I am looking for scripts etc from Radio One Club if anyone can help ? I am trying to produce a database of all the acts that appeared
31st December 2017 8:58am
Dave (Barry) says...
When Radio 1 Club came to Barry in the summer of '71 (or ’72?) it was held in the Memorial Hall. I worked for Barry Borough Council's Entertainment and Publicity Department as deckchair attendant. To keep the anticipated crowd at this free event away from the stage, we were requested to provide a semi circle of interlocking barriers, such as those we used on the Barry Island car park. As the beach tractor driver, I delivered. I expected to return to the 'chairs but was instructed ... Read More
30th September 2017 12:02pm
Steve Haigh (Sherborne) says...
Just listening to TB and his 50 yrs of Radio One Show. It has reminded me of when I was the guest DJ on Radio One Club at Butlins, Skegness, June/July 1969. Alan 'Fluff' Freeman was the main DJ and BBC Manchester based John Wilcox was Senior Producer. I interviewed a Sheffield group called O'Hara's Playboys and, I think, Dave Berry also of Sheffield. I worked under the alias 'Handsome' Steve Hanson DJ. Does anyone remember this broadcast? Better still, was anyone in the ... Read More
30th September 2017 7:59am
Richard Insall (Bedford) says...
My mum took me and my two brothers to the Radio One Club in about 1969. All I can remember is the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band... I think
3rd March 2017 4:54pm
Derek (Harris) says...
I went to the first launch of the club.
I used to go daily after, bunking off school.
Should have been studying for A levels.
Finally got kicked out of school in the December when the Headmaster caught me creeping back to school in the afternoon.
3rd June 2015 3:59am
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