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Timeline - 1976



Special Shows



There was a New Years Day special show with The Bay City Rollers, and a Good Friday special starring the Osmonds.

On December 27th there was another broadcast from Elton John with his show EJ the DJ.

JanuaryThe BBC banned Donna Summer's hit 'Love to Love You Baby' when they decided it was too sexy as it featured heavy breathing and simulated sounds of love-Making.



Topping the UK charts were Midge Ure's Glasgow band Slik with Forever and Ever. D.J.'s playing it included Noel Edmonds, TonyBlackburn and Paul Burnett.





Easter mondayThe Radio 1 Roadshow kicked off earlier in 1976 on Easter Monday. It was seen again towards the end of July - the line up being Noel Edmonds, David Hamilton, Rosko, Paul Burnett and Ed Stewart.
LeavingTwo DJ's left in 1976 - Emperor Rosko decided to return to America because his Father Joe was seriously ill. He was replaced on Fridays by Dave Lee Travis.  The Saturday show which Rosko had presented for nine years introduced a new name on 25th September to the station; Kid Jensen.

Johnnie Walker left for America.  Johnnie had criticised Many pop records on the Radio 1 playlist such as the Bay City Rollers, and had said that album tracks should be played more often on the station. Johnnie's former slot was taken over by Paul Burnett, who had, since March 1974, presented a Sunday morning show.

Bank Holiday MondaysThere was an extra edition of Junior Choice broadcast.



A new voice to Radio 1, Simon Bates took over the Sunday Paul Burnett slot and presented a new show 'All There Is to Hear'.


Wurzels Combine Harvester No. 1 in June 1976.

Playing the Wurzels at No. 1 were daytime DJ's Ed Stewart, Noel Edmonds, Tony Blackburn and Paul Burnett.



There were documentaries about David Bowie, Elton John, John  Lennon and a repeat of the Beach Boys Story.

A new series was launched, 'my Top Twelve' in which famous personalities were interviewed and their favourite discs were played.

  • Kid Jensen was first heard on Radio 1 Saturday mornings (see 'leaving' above).

  • Paul Gambaccini was at 12pm with the USA hits,

  • my Top 12 at 1.30pm

  • Alan Freeman's Rock Show at 2.30pm

  • New series at 5.20 pm 'It's Rock & Roll' which ran for 3 months. This was presented by Stuart ColMan featuring Classic Rock and BBC recordings of Bands performing live. A BBC record was released featuring the best Material.


A new programme was launched in May, 'Playground' for younger listeners which was broadcast before the edition of Junior Choice. The compere was David Rider, who formerly presented midday Spin, and was later a researcher for the station. In the future, David would be assisted by Maggie Philbin and roving reporter Keith Chegwin.
02.05.76Another Fun Day at Mallory Park which was less chaotic than 1975!
Top 100For eight weeks during the Autumn of 1976, Radio 1 ran a competition where listeners forecast the top three singles for the following week. At the same time they named their all-time favourite record. These votes were recorded to provide a listeners 'Top 100' show which was broadcast in full before ChristMas. The same chart was used for a Jubilee Top 100 show broadcast on June 7th 1977.



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